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FC series auxiliary switch

Rated Voltage:DC220V AC220V

Rated Current:6A

Conventional Thermal Current:

Breaking Capacity:DC220V/2A , T=20ms ; AC220V/6A , Cosφ=0.4

Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+70℃

Withstand Voltage:2500V(50Hz) /1min

Life Cycle:20000次



General Instruction

FC series auxiliary switch is one of the auxiliary components for the set of high-voltage equipments. It adopts the cam composition and magnetic quenching method, and with multitudinous contacts--the feature of cam switch. Meanwhile, it has the function of increasing the contact quantity by adding the accessories to meet customer`s needs.

The contact section of FC series auxiliary switch adopts the advanced permanent magnet magnetic quenching technic to restrain the electric arc in breaking off the circuit, which enhances the breaking capacity of the contacts and solve the industry problem that is auxiliary switch is quite hard to break off in DC circuit. The permanent magnet which generates high magnetic field intensity guarantees the stability and perdurability of the magnetic field. Besides, FC series auxiliary switch is also applicable both for controlling switch on & off functions, interlocking, signal circuits of high-voltage-switch driving mechanism and for conversions or group switches.


Service Condition
1.Ambient temperature:-40℃~+70℃.
2.Altitude:the installation spot is supposed not to exceed 5000m.
3.Humidity:the average value of relative humidity is max 95%, the average value of vapor pressure is max 2.2kPa in condition within 24 hours.the monthly average value of relative humidity is max 90%, the monthly average value of vapor pressure is max 1.8kPa.
4.Vibration acceleration is max 15m/s2.
5.There should be no evident air pollutions from dust, smoke, corrosives and combustible gas, vapor or salty fog.


Meaning of the Symbol


E.g.: model no. FC-24Y01 means FC series, 24 poles, screw connection mode, 12 NO contacts and 12 NC contacts.


Technical Parameters

額定電流 Rated current



Rated voltage

直流 DC

交流 AC




開斷容量 (>1°/ms

Breaking capacity (>1°/ms)






工頻耐壓 Withstand voltage

2500V(50Hz) /1min

機械壽命 Life cycle



Structure Features
FC series auxiliary switch is made up of multi-units with same structures.It is made of high quality magnetic material, the moving and stable contact is made of copper with silver plating, and the insulation plate is made of superior inflaming retarding material with high strength, good insulation property and heat-resistance.


Working Principles
FC series auxiliary switch adopts indirect driving structure, the cam wheel drives to rotate the hexagonal shaft, which in turn to push the connection rod of switch to cause the movement of contacts, thus to realize controlling of switch on & off functions of the electric circuits .


Installation and Operation
1.Please refer to switch draft for mounting dimension
2.The auxiliary switch should be mounted to the target objects by fixing the two screw holes on the rear end plate. The switch itself should not be subject to external force; otherwise, it will become deformed and not able to work normally;
3.The serial numbers of contacts could be customized, and the switch operation should be within effective angles
4.The rotating handle should not be subject to radial force, otherwise it will cause bending of the shaft thus affects its normal operation.
5.Lead wire for this auxiliary switch should adopt plug ,pls plug out if screw connecting is required,.


Ordering Information
1.Pls indicate product name, specification & model No., quantity; 
2.Pls make sure the dimension of switch, work route and breaking
of contacts etc.
3.Other requirements.


Construction Drawing 

n=layer quantity