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FK series auxiliary switch

Rated Voltage:DC220V AC220V

Rated Current:20A

Conventional Thermal Current:25A

Breaking Capacity:DC220V/4A ,T0.95 :6P=300ms ; AC220V/10A , Cosφ=0.4

Ambient Temperature:-55℃~+80℃

Withstand Voltage:2500V(50Hz) /1min

Life Cycle:20000



General Instruction

FK series auxiliary switches are one of the auxiliary components for the set of high-voltage equipments. It is a new type of auxiliary switch made for meeting current demands of electrical field. As compared to F6 and F9 series switches, this new auxiliary switch can realize more flexible controls and various special switching operations; FK auxiliary switch contains more than one time of contacts as compared to F10 series switch, which makes it greatly meet the demands of the burden current in high voltage switch field. In a word, the FK series auxiliary switch is more applicable to both the controlling of switch on & off, interlocking, and signal circuits of the high-voltage switch driving mechanism and conversions or group switches.


Service Condition
1.Ambient temperature:-55℃~+80℃.
2.Altitude:the installation spot is supposed not to exceed 5000m.
3.Humidity:the average value of relative humidity is max 95%, the average value of vapor pressure is max 2.2kPa in condition within 24 hours.the monthly average value of relative humidity is max 90%, the monthly average value of vapor pressure is max 1.8kPa.
4.Vibration acceleration is max 15m/s2.
5.There should be no evident air pollutions from dust, smoke, corrosives and combustible gas, vapor or salty fog.


Meaning of the Symbol  


E.g.: Model no. FK-24CU01 means FK series, 24 poles, plug in connection mode, 
one-side single-contact.


Technical Parameters

額定電流 Rated current


約定發熱電流 Conventional thermal current


額定電壓 Rated voltage

直流 DC

交流 AC




開斷容量 Making and breaking capacity


T0.95 6P=300ms





工頻耐壓 Withstand voltage

2500V(50Hz) /1min

機械壽命 Lifespan  times


Structure Features
FK series auxiliary switch is made up of multi-units with same structures. The moving contact is made of high-quality phosphor bronze, the contact point adopts silver alloy, and the stable contact is made of copper with silver plating. The insulation plate is made of superior inflaming retarding material which has high strength, good insulation property and heat-resistant property. Moreover, the reasonable structure of the insulation plate ensures excellent dust-proof effects. The connecting method could either adopts plug in or screw connection. The categories of the switch based on its structure are: one-level single contact, one-level double contacts and two-level double contacts auxiliary switch. The terminals could be combined freely, and the two-level single contact and two-level double contacts could be mixed used randomly in one piece of switch, besides, the quantity of NC contacts and NO contacts could be combined freely, and there are direct connection type & spring transient dynamic type for divide-shut brake. Above types, pole quantities and switching angles could be freely chosen by customer.

Working Principles
The structure of FK series auxiliary switch is indirect driving type. The moving contact is rotated by the square shaft to split in or out the stable contact so that to switch on & off to control electric circuits. About the spring transient dynamic type of auxiliary switch, the spring is compressed or stretched to realize fast switching function.


Installation and Operation
1.For mounting dimension and wiring methods please refer to switch drawing, the overall dimension could be calculated based on the number of poles(or contacts), The length of shaft and screw rod could be customized;
2.The auxiliary switch should be installed to the target objects through fixing the front end plate with two screw holes and screw rod (shaft). The switch itself should not be subject to external force, otherwise, it will become deformed and not able to work normally;
3.The rotating handle should not be subject to radial force, otherwise it will cause bending of the shaft thus affects its normal operation;
4.Lead wire for auxiliary switch could either adopts plug or screw connecting method.

Ordering Information
1.Pls indicate product name, specification & model No., quantity; 
2.Pls make sure the dimension of switch, work route and breaking
of contacts etc;
3.Other requirements.


Construction Drawing

n=insulation plate quantity; L1=customer's requirements