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C2 series limit switch

Rated Voltage:3A

Rated Current:DC-13:DC 24V/2A AC-15:240V/3A

Conventional Thermal Current: 10 N max

Breaking Capacity:2.3mm

Ambient Temperature:0.1mm/sec~1m/sec

Withstand Voltage:6.3×0.8mm M3.5

Life Cycle:100萬次



General Instruction

C2 series limit switch is one of the electrical components used for route limit controlling, which is used for route position control, position limit protection and chain driving for various mechanical equipment.


Service Condition
1.Ambient temperature:-40℃~+70℃.
2.Altitude:the installation spot is supposed not to exceed 5000m.
3.Humidity:the average value of relative humidity is max 95%, the average value of vapor pressure is max 2.2kPa in condition within 24 hours.the monthly average value of relative humidity is max 90%, the monthly average value of vapor pressure is max 1.8kPa.
4.Vibration acceleration is max 15m/s2.
5.There should be no evident air pollutions from dust, smoke, corrosives and combustible gas, vapor or salty fog.

Meaning of the Symbol  


E.g.: model no. C2-BA-W means C2 series, 1NO,1 NC, horizontal connection.

Technical Parameters


Structure Features and Working Principles
The C2 series limit switch adopts high quality brass with silver point and whole silver plating, some contacts are sealed in separate space, and the lead wire adopts screw connection with tabletting inside the space to guarantee dustproof property, electrical safety and good electrical property. The contacts are with double points and NO & NC can be required by customers. The NO is switched on and NC is switched off when external operation drives the rod to extrude, When the external force disappears, the contact will get back to the primary position. On the top of the switch, there is a regulating screw for micro adjustment.


Construction Drawing