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LAA series button switches

Rated Voltage:AC250V

Rated Current:6A

Conventional Thermal Current:2500V(50Hz) /1min

Breaking Capacity:>1000000

Ambient Temperature:024-25767778/8881/8883

Withstand Voltage:

Life Cycle:



General Instruction

The button switches are intended to make and break control circuits. With extensive application, the switches are a kind of low voltage electrical apparatuses which control other appliances in motor drive. In electric automatic control circuit, the switches control the contactors, relays, electromagnetic startesr by manual. The button switches mounted to equipment and instruments in operation control the parts thereof. They are in initial positions of the equipment and instruments, but transfer to another position by request under external force. Once the force is removed, the switches reset to the initial. The switches can control start, stop, forward rotation, reverse rotation, variable speed and interlock of the relevant equipment.
Ring-shaped fixed contacts in LAA series button switches are designed to increase the contact area and the heat dissipation area at making current. Additionally the silver sheets on the contacts greatly improve the electrical conductivity and electrical durability. With large carrying current, they are often used as start switches, e.g. for motors
Having good sealing, dustproof and anti-corrosion property, enclosures of LAA switches adopt V0 degree material with desirable fire retardancy. Reliable screw connection mode is available.

Service Condition
1.The ambient air temperature shall be in the range -20℃ to +55℃.
2.The altitude does not exceed 5000 m.
3.Humidity --- The average value of the relative humidity measured over a period of 24h does not exceed 95%.
— The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of 24h does not exceed 2.2 Kpa.
--- The average value of the relative humidity over a period of one month does not exceed 90%.
--- The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of one month does not exceed1.8 Kpa.
4.Vibration acceleration shall not be more than 15m/s2.
5.Ambient air shall not be significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and combustible gas.

Meaning of the Symbol  



Technical Parameters

Installation and Operation
For overall dimensions, see the outline drawing. The maximum torque for tightening nuts shall not exceed 1N.m to retain the switch parts in position. All dimensions and positions of equipment parts to be fitted with switches shall conform with those of the switches.

Ordering Information
Specify product name, model, quantity and any special requirements which are required by the purchaser while ordering.

Construction Drawing