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LFZ series auxiliary switch

Rated Voltage:AC250V

Rated Current:15A

Conventional Thermal Current:2500V(50Hz) /1min

Breaking Capacity:>1000000

Ambient Temperature:024-25767778/8881/8883

Withstand Voltage:

Life Cycle:



General Instruction

As one of the components for the complete high-voltage equipment, LFZ series auxiliary switches are applicable for controlling switching-on, switching-off, interlock, signal circuits of HV switch driving mechanism as well as change-over switch and cubicle switch. 

Incorporating OMRON micro-gap switch group, LFZ series auxiliary switches have strong breaking capacity, high carrying current, long service life and desirable reliability. And making and breaking speed of the switches is independent of external actuating speed. They are suitable for the equipment with low actuating speed. The micro-gap switch group ensures breaking capacity for the auxiliary switches effectively.
Cam group is intended to adjust angles of the switches arbitrarily and continuously. Angle(s) of one or more cam(s) can be adjusted through clamping force adjustment of the group so as to achieve the “universal angles” of auxiliary switches. The cam group ensures the clamping force and reliability of the switches. LFZ series auxiliary switches are widely used and convenient for adjustment at site.

Service Condition
1.The ambient air temperature shall be in the range -25℃ to +80℃.
2.The altitude does not exceed 5000 m.
3.Humidity --- The average value of the relative humidity measured over a period of 24h does notexceed 95%.
--- The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of 24h does not exceed 2.2 Kpa.
--- The average value of the relative humidity over a period of one month does not exceed 90%.
— The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of one month does not exceed1.8 Kpa.
4.Vibration acceleration shall not be more than 15m/s2.
5.Ambient air shall not be significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and combustible gas.


Meaning of the Symbol

For example, LFZ-08Y01 means LFZ series auxiliary switch, 8 poles, 
4 NO contacts and 4 NC contacts, screw connection, 01 serial number.

Technical Parameters 


Installation and Operation
For overall dimensions, see the outline drawing. The maximum torque for tightening nuts and screws shall not exceed 4N.m to retain the switch parts in position. All dimensions and positions of equipment parts to be fitted with switches shall conform with those of the switches.


Ordering Information
Specify product name, model, quantity and any special requirements which are required by the purchaser while ordering.


Construction Drawing 

n=micro-gap switch quantity.