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LXB series snap-action switch

Rated Voltage:LXB-1103、LXB-2001 10A;LXB-1101 20A

Rated Current:AC15 230V/3A、 DC13 110V/1A ; AC15 230V/5A,DC13 110V/1A

Conventional Thermal Current:

Breaking Capacity:

Ambient Temperature:

Withstand Voltage:

Life Cycle:5000000 ;1000000



General Instruction

LXB series snap-action switches are reinforced to protect against damage. Contacts are designed to make and break current rapidly. Even if the contacts are used for limit device and mechanical detecting instrument with slower actuating speed, a higher load capacity can be guaranteed for the switches. Additionally the switches are equipped with a compulsory breaking current device which ensures secure breaking capacity for the switches even in the case of adhesion occurring to contacts caused by overload or short circuit. Therefore the switches are particularly suitable for the equipment with higher safety requirement.
Self-cleaning contacts are employed in LXB series snap-action switches. They protect the switches from dust, moisture and contaminants and make the switches highly reliable and sensitive. The switches are compact in structure and mounted in various ways, and suitable for automatic control, interlock and other low-voltage and current signal control as well.
All surfaces of the conductive parts in LXB series snap-action switches are plated with pure silver so that the switches have secure current making and high carrying-current capacity.

Service Condition
1.The ambient air temperature shall be in the range -40℃ to +85℃.
2.The altitude does not exceed 5000 m.
3.Humidity --- The average value of the relative humidity measured over a period of 24h does notexceed 95%. 
--- The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of 24h does not exceed 2.2 Kpa.
— The average value of the relative humidity over a period of one month does not exceed 90%.
— The average value of the water vapor pressure over a period of one month does not exceed1.8 Kpa.
4.Vibration acceleration shall not be more than 15m/s2.
5.Ambient air shall not be significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and combustible gas.


Meaning of the Symbol

For example, LXB-1101 means LXB series snap-action switches, 1NO contacts 
and 1 NC contacts, 01 serial number.


Technical Parameters


Installation and Operation
For overall dimensions, see the outline drawing. The maximum torque for tightening screws shall not exceed 1N.m to retain the switch parts in position. All dimensions and positions of equipment parts to be fitted with switch shall conform with those of the switch. An insulating barrier with fire retardancy and adequate strength shall be added between the equipment and the switch if the side of equipment part to be mounted is non-insulating material.


Ordering Information

Specify product name, model, quantity and any special requirements which are required by the purchaser while ordering.

Construction Drawing