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LZ series change-over switch

Rated Voltage:DC 220V;AC 220V20A

Rated Current:20A

Conventional Thermal Current:25A

Breaking Capacity:T0.95:6P=300ms 4A Cosφ=0.4 10A

Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+70℃

Withstand Voltage:2500V(50Hz) /1min

Life Cycle:20000次



General Instruction

The switches are employed to occasionally make and break current in circuit by manual. They are used for control and transition. With extensive application in electric power, industrial automation and process automation, the switches are suitable for circuit control, test equipment and master switch control. Having large make-break capacity and long life expectancy, the change-over switches are substituted for those with small capacity and short life at their kind.

Service Condition

1.Ambient temperature:-40℃~+70℃.
2.Altitude:the installation spot is supposed not to exceed 5000m.
3.Humidity:the average value of relative humidity is max 95%, the average value of vapor pressure is max 2.2kPa in condition within 24 hours.the monthly average value of relative humidity is max 90%, the monthly average value of vapor pressure is max 1.8kPa.
4.Vibration acceleration is max 15m/s2.
5.There should be no evident air pollutions from dust, smoke, corrosives and combustible gas, vapor or salty fog.


Meaning of the Symbol

For example, LZA-10Y01 means LZA series change-over switches  (locating), 
screw connection, 10 pairs of contacts.

Technical Parameters

額定電流 Rated current


約定發熱電流 Conventional thermal current


額定電壓 Rated voltage

直流 DC

交流 AC



開斷容量 (>1°/ms)

Breaking capacity (>1°/ms)

T0.95 6P=300ms




工頻耐壓 Withstand voltage

2500V(50Hz) /1min

機械壽命 Life cycle



Structure Features
LZ series change-over switches are designed with smooth operation, compact structure and reliable performance. Multi-gears up to 12 are used to achieve location of switches. Number of poles and make-break angles of the switches can be combined discretionally. The fixed and moving contact plates are made of high quality brass. The silver-nickel tips have been used on the plates. The switches have large make-break capacity and contacts have long service life. Thanks to the application of superior flame retardant insulating plates, the switches are characterized by fire resistance, high strength, good insulation performance, reasonable structure and dustproof. Therefore they are suitable for a variety of electrical equipment.


Working Principles
LZ series change-over switches are operated by manual.  Rotate handles manually to actuate the square shafts so that the cams rotate. The rotating cams drive the connecting rods of switches. Contacts move through the driven rods. Current making or breaking in the circuits of equipment is achieved by this way. Locating device has been used for locating and release.


Installation and Operation
1.For overall dimensions, see the outline drawing.
2.The switches are secured to the mounting plate provided by purchaser with two screws.
3.U-shaped or O-shaped terminals led out from the equipment are used to connect switches. And the terminals are located on the switches by screws with tightening torque up to 4 N.m applied.


Ordering Information
1.Specify product name, model, quantity of panel with relevant information, number of gears and products.
2.Confirm overall dimensions, working travel, make and break of contacts.
3.Specify any special requirements which are required by the purchaser while ordering.


Construction Drawing 

n=insulation plate quantity; L、L1、L2= mounting plate provided by purchaser