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LFE series auxiliary switch

Rated Voltage:DC 110V、220V;AC 220V

Rated Current:20A

Conventional Thermal Current:25A

Breaking Capacity:T0.95 :6P=300ms 6A、3A; Cosφ=0.95 10A

Ambient Temperature:-25℃~+80℃

Withstand Voltage:2000V(50Hz) /1min

Life Cycle:20000次



General Instruction

LFE series auxiliary switch is one of the auxiliary components for the set of high-voltage equipments , and applicable both for controlling switch on  & off functions, interlocking, and signal circuits of the high-voltage switch capacity effectively surmounts the weaknesses of other auxiliary switches , such as limited switching capacity, short life-time of contacts. The working life of LFE series auxiliary switch is obviously extended and makes it to be the valid substitute of similar variety of auxiliary switches.      

Service Condition

1. Ambient temperature : -25℃~+80℃;
2. Altitude: the installation spot is supposed not to exceed 5000m;
3.Humidity  the average value of relative humidity is max 95%,the average value of vapor pressure is max 2.2kPa in condition within 24 hours ; the monthly average value of relative humidity is max 90%,the monthly average value of vapor pressure is max 1.8kPa;
4.Vibration acceleration is max 15m/s2;  
5.There should be no evident air pollution from dust, smoke, corrosives and combustible gas, vapor of salty fog.

Meaning of the Symbol

E.g.: model no. LFE-40Y01 means LFE series,40 poles,20 NO contacts 
and 20 NC contacts, screw connection mode, NO.01 style. 

Technical Parameters

額定電流 Rated current


約定發熱電流 Conventional thermal current


額定電壓 Rated voltage

直流 DC

交流 AC




開斷容量 (>1°/ms

Breaking capacity  (>1°/ms)

T0.95 6P=300ms





工頻耐壓 Withstand voltage

2000V(50Hz) /1min

機械壽命 Life cycle



Structure Features
LFE series auxiliary switch is made up of multi-units with same structures. The contact point adopts silver and nickel alloy; the stable and moving contact plates are made of silver-plated brass, and the insulation plate is made of superior inflaming retarding material with high strength, good insulation property and heat-resistance, Moreover, the reasonable structure of the switch ensures excellent dust-proof effects. The LFE series auxiliary switch adopts plug in connection method. The pole quantity of this kind of auxiliary switch could be freely chosen by customers.


Working Principles
LFE series auxiliary switch adopts indirect driving structure, the cam wheel drives to rotate the shaft, 


Installation and Operation
1. Please refer to the switch draft for mounting dimension.
2.The auxiliary switch should be fixed by 4 bolts or adjust mounting plate according to customers requirements.
3.Leading wire for auxiliary switch adopts screw connecting method, to plug in by U type or O type terminal plug, and then tightened with slotted  screwdriver(the torque force ≤1.5N.m ).


Ordering Information
Specify product name, model, quantity and any special requirements which are required by the purchaser while ordering.


Construction Drawing 

n=insulation plate quantity; L,L1,L2=customer's requirements.